Your new partner for electrical equipment

Since the 4th of July dmlights has become Peeq. A new name, with which we also head into a new direction. As Peeq we want to be your online homeware store, still with lighting, but also with home accessories and small furniture. What doesn't fit into our story anymore is electrical equipment. That's why we've decided to stop selling electric installation materials.

We are well aware that this is a major change for quite a bit of our customers. That's why we've searched for a reliable partner to continue this part of our service. With Zelektro.be we've found the perfect party. From now on you can go to their web shop for all you electrical equipment purchases.

Who is Zelektro.be?

Zelektro.be is a Belgian e-commerce business that's already active for more then 10 years as a specialist in electro technics and home automation. You can turn to them for all your electrical equipment, from fuse boxes, cables and pipes, domotics and renewable energy solutions.

With a large stock of more than 30.000 products, Zelektro.be guarantees fast delivery, flawless service and expert technical support.

The Zelektro.be technical support team also provides expert answers to all your questions about electricity, just like our experts did.

We will of course continue to provide service on purchases you made via our webshop before 1 July. So you can still come to us for warranty and after-sales service.

Are you curious about what Zelektro.be has to offer? Be sure to visit their webshop. They are eager to welome you.

Do you have questions about the transfer of our installation material to Zelektro.be? Our customer service will be happy to help you. You can reach us by phone on 015 25 76 78 or via the e-mail address zelektro@peeq.com.

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